Tafuta Ulinzi Apply For Protection Seek for protection if you are a witness or a person who is related to a witness who’s safety is under threat. Learn More Tafuta Ulinzi tafuta ulinzi Tafuta ulinzi wetu ikiwa wewe ni mshahidi ama unauhusiano wa kijamii na mshahidi, na usalama wako u mashakani. MAELEZO ZAIDI Our Services our services Since its establishment in 2012 the WPA has established and maintained a Witness Protection Programme, determined the criteria for admission and type of protection measure to be applied. We advise Ministries, Counties, Departments and Agencies on adoption of alternative witness protection strategies VIEW DETAILS Head office Head office The Headquarters (Liaison Office) of the Witness Protection Agency is located at Milimani Law Courts, 4th Floor, Room 413. Please visit us if you require our services. VISIT US


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