The Witness Protection Programme

The Witness Protection programme is regulated by legislation aimed at the protection of witnesses and victims in cases of serious threats/intimidation. It covers the threats which cannot be addressed by other protection measures and where the testimonies of such witnesses are of special significance.

Participation in the Witness Protection Programme is voluntary upon the signing of Memorandum of Understanding.

Discharge from the witness protection programme

The protection will be immediately terminated and the witness will be required to leave the programme in the event of the following;

  1. Prosecutor informing the Director of the Witness Protection Agency that the witness’s evidence was untruthful or unreliable or by the court trying the case making such a finding;
  2. The Prosecuting Authority decides not to institute or discontinues the criminal proceedings in respect of which the witness was admitted to the programme;
  3. The witness is not required to give evidence;
  4. In the opinion of the Investigating or Prosecuting Authority the witness is no longer at risk;
  5. In the opinion of the Director the witness is able to make alternative arrangements for his /her safety without remaining on the programme;
  6. The witness when applying for protection willfully furnished false or misleading information, particulars or makes a statement which is false or misleading in any material respect or willfully failed to disclose any material relevant to his / her application.
  7. The witness is arrested for any criminal offence;
  8. The witness absconds from the programme.
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