Apply for Protection

Procedure for Admission

Download and Fill Form

Download and fill the relevant form

Submit the Form

The form is submitted to Witness Protection Agency (WPA) by email ( or hand delivered to WPA Liaison Offices in Nairobi, Mombasa and Kisumu or through a referral or law enforcement agency. The applicant may call the agency for clarification through the hotline 0711 222 441 , 0725 222 442


The application is acknowledged within 3 days through email, letter or telephone call


A threat and risk assessment is conducted within 14 days   to determine if the applicant meets criteria for admission.

Decision Making

The application may be accepted, deferred or declined.

Feedback to Applicant

The applicant is informed of the outcome of the threat and risk assessment with recommendation to either accept, defer or decline admission.


If recommended for admission, the witness signs a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with WPA for inclusion into the protection programme.


The recommended protection measures are implemented

Immediate evacuation of the witness may be considered in very high risk circumstances. Admission into the Witness Protection Programme is voluntary.

Means of application
By Phone
By Phone
By Mail
By Mail
In Person
In Person
Via Law Enforcement Agencies
Via Law Enforcement Agencies
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