10. Who can apply for admission into the Witness Protection Programme?

Application for admission into the witness protection programme may be made by the following persons if they have reason to believe that the safety of a witness or related person may be threatened:

  1. Any witness and or related person
  2. An intermediary
  3. Legal representative
  4. Parent or legal guardian
  5. Public prosecutor
  6. Law enforcement agency
  7. An application for the protection of a minor can be made by a law enforcement agency without the consent of the person’s parent or guardian.

Any of the persons to whom a report has been made that a witness life is in danger, shall immediately investigate the claims and if found credible:

  1. Assist such a person with his or her application
  2. Inform the Director of the Witness Protection
  3. Agency of the application and Submit the application to the Director or a Witness Protection Officer
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