Suppliers with enquiries about tenders or other business opportunities should email the Agency on supplychain@wpa.go.ke or use the main telephone number (020 712 1337). The Agency is guided by the Public Procurement and Asset Disposal Act 2015.

Similarly, citizens should direct their general enquiries concerning the Agency’s mandate to info@wpa.go.ke or phone either the main telephone number (020 712 1337) or toll free number (0800 720 460).

The list of prequalified suppliers is available here:

Invitation for Pre-Qualification of Auctioneers Tender No. WPA/03/2020/21

Tender No. WPA/03/2020/21 Pre-qualification Documents for Auctioneers

    Please use this form to reach us on tendering / supply matters only!

    There are currently no open tenders.

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